Lite Bite Box

The Lite-Bite – increase your lunchtime trade

With an increasing number of fast-food chains, sandwich shops and cafes, there has never been more competition for Fish and Chip shops.
It’s no secret there is a huge demand, particularly at lunchtime, for a light meal and with over 75% of Fish and Chip shops offering just a regular, large or extra-large meal, there may be an additional audience that go elsewhere for a lighter option.

How can you develop what you already do and appeal to an ‘extra audience’ – by offering and advertising a ‘Lite Bite‘ meal.

Many Fish and Chip shops already offer a ‘lighter bite’ and we want to build on this and support you by providing an all-inclusive Lite-Bite package which will help get more customers through your door.

What is the Lite-Bite package?

This brand new packaging is designed specifically for an alternative size meal and is customer made for a portion consisting of:

  • A 6 oz battered fish (4 oz unbattered)
  • A 6oz portion of chips (cooked weight)
  • An optional 4oz side order of peas/gravy/curry

This was a suggested portion size that was unanimously voted as a ‘Light Bite’ portion. Although it is entirely up to you what portion size you use.

Why is this packaging best suited for the Lite-Bite?

  • It gives a generous portion – people perceive the meal to be good value for money
  • It looks professional – Corrugated packaging is presentable with a well-polished finish
  • It has eye appeal – the food fills the box and looks like a larger portion
  • Its versatile – it can be used for meals other then fish and chips


The Lite Bite Box – How to combat rising prices through portion control

The Lite-BITE concept comes at a time when there has been an increase in the amount of publicity surrounding fast food and portion control. The Lite-BITE enables for a portion controlled meal whilst still enjoying one of the nation’s favourite foods.

The largest independent research project into the Fish & Chip market was conducted with the aim to raise the profile of the nation’s most savoured meal and to support Fish & Chip shops in understanding their customers’ wants.

How to get your FREE Point of Sale poster?

We will supply you FREE OF CHARGE point-of-sale materials to help sell the Lite-Bite in your business.

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