Who are The National Edible Oils Distributors Association?

The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA) which was established in 1947 is one of our key accreditations. They are an organisation that represents Food Service Distributors, Processors, Waste Oil Collectors, Refiners and Cod Press Oil Refiners.


The National Edible Oils Distributions Association members represent most of the key sectors covering the use of fats and oils within the food industry. For example, Fish & Chips and Fast Food Sectors, Foodservice, Commercial Baking, Food Manufacturing and Retailing. Their membership also covers manufacturers and suppliers of non-oil products (including batter mix, sausages, packaging, potato preservatives) and other industry bodies.

What does NEODA mean for you, our customers?

When you see the NEODA Approved logo on packaging for fats and oils distributed by Friars Pride, you can be assured that the oil specified is what it says it is.

As an organisation they monitors the quality of Fats & Oils and anything carrying the logo is meeting their requirements. This means that customers using supplies purchased from Friars Pride can buy with confidence.