JFK, the brand Gadus is a resource rich partner with 100 years of fishing history in the Faroe Islands. JFK holds a cornerstone position in the history of the development of the Faroese fishing industry from small and simple fishing vessels in the early 1900s.

Today, JFK has a fleet of 18 fishing vessels containing high-tech on board fish processing equipment to prepare the fish into the fillets you prefer for your shop. These modern fishing trawlers are high-tech factory trawlers and the brand track record shows that JFK has the capacity and capability to serve global markets with high quality fish products.

Strict Sustainability of Faroese quotas of Cod Utilising the allocated quotas in the sustainable fisheries in the Barents Sea, JFK Gadus harvests these fish resources to provide valuable and unique products for the customers in the UK.

The Cod is caught based on strict allocated quotas in the sustainable fisheries, to provide valuable and unique fish for your shops. Steps are taken at every point of the fishing process to ensure that JFK’s frozen-at-sea products are as fresh as possible.

John Fuglo

Fresher than Fresh – Frozen at Sea

The production process on board this vessel seals in the freshness. Gadus production has been called fresher than fresh as a result of being fresh frozen within four hours of leaving the sea. The faster the freezing process the less drip loss. Drip loss is the loss of weight and freshness of the fillets.

Skin On and Skin Less, Traditional Grades – Sizes

Gadus Cod fillets are available in traditional sizes; 5-8oz, 8-16oz, 16-32oz and 32oz +. They are available either as Skin On, Pin Bone In Fillets or Skinless, Pin Bone In Fillets.

Delivering continuity of Supply with Friars Pride

The partnership of JFK – Gadus and Friars Pride promises to deliver continuity of supply on high quality fish.