The MS Leinebris is a Norwegian fishing vessel which supplies Friars Pride with premium line caught Cod and Haddock direct from the Barents Sea with MSC certification. All year round they catch quality wild fish in the cold and clear Northeast Atlantic.

Leinebris owns and operates one of the world’s most modern longliners. All year around the vessel catches quality wild fish, producing premium fillets in the top modern factory. As fifth generation fishermen they are passionate about longline fishery and the fresh Frozen at Sea (FAS) concept that ensures a quality and consistency of the absolute highest standard. The MS Leinebris uses the very best equipment, technology and facilities to ensure the fish is treated in the best possible way from catch to frozen to -18 degrees within three hours. This ensures the quality of the fish is locked in and is ‘fresher than fresh’.

“As a Norwegian family business with a heritage going back to 1898 I can say that we’re honoured to be associated with the UK’s Fish & Chip industry” said Daniel Harbo Pinheiro.

Sustainability and the Environment

Longline fishing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method.


Leinebris is proud to be MSC certified. All the Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea is MSC certified

Exclusive Agreement

Friars Pride has an exclusive agreement with Leinebris to supply their beautiful fillets to the Fish & Chip industry. We are two family businesses who share the same passion for our quality, product and service.

Longline fishing gives a unique quality, whiter than snow, firm texture, fresher than fresh Frozen at Sea fillet. Whiter, firmer, better are the three words Leinebris use to describe their fresh Frozen at Sea fillets.

When catching by longline the fish is brought on board alive, via hooks and line, one by one. This ensures the fish is in the best possible condition. Directly after catching the production process starts and within a short three hours the fish is frozen to -18 degrees. This quick process locks in the quality and goodness of the fish, which ensures a quality of the absolute highest standard.