Lite Bite Boxes Case - 100


The Lite-BITE is exclusively available from Friars Pride and the Q Partnership. These bxes have been designed to allow you to offer a smaller portion of fish and chips. The box can approximately hold a portion consisting of a 6oz battered fish (4oz unbattered), a 6oz portion of chips and an optional 4oz side of mushy peas, curry sauce or gravy.

There are many reasons to use Lite-BITE in your business, here are just a few.

  • Generous portion – a light meal in this box can be perceived as good value for money.
  • Controlled portion – with the box being designed to only take a suitable portion, it can stop you giving away extra chips in your portions – meaning you won’t be giving away your profits.
  • A professional box – the corrugated box gives you a presentable and eye-catching method of packaging.
  • A versatile piece of packaging – the box does not have to just be used for fish and chips; you could use the box for other meals.
  • Student meals – the box could be perfect if you offer a student lunch time deal or as an OAP fish and chip portion.

Free point of sales is available. Click here to order your Lite-BITE poster.

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