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The Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) is one of the most well-known fish around the world and is appreciated for its great flavour, firm meat and intense umami flavour. The meat from the Atlantic Cod around Greenland has time to fully develop the intense and slightly sweet flavour, because the cold and clean surroundings make the cod grow more slowly than elsewhere.

Royal Greenland’s Atlantic Cod is available in various cuts, and the fish is either sold whole or cut into fillets, with or without skin and bones.

The Atlantic Cod lives mainly in the North Atlantic Sea and the Barents Sea. It is easily recognisable by the characteristic beard on the jaw and the beautifully speckled skin that changes colour, depending on the bottom conditions in its living area. It typically lives near the bottom at depths of between 50 and 200 metres and has a strong preference for cold water at around 2-10°C.

The cod is not a picky eater and around Greenland it mainly preys on Capelin and cold-water prawns.

Jogvan Trondarson

Quality and Traditional Grades – Sizes

Royal Greenland is renowned for high quality Frozen at Sea Cod Fillets processed and frozen on board. Royal Greenland supplies Frozen at Sea cod and haddock fillets to Friars Pride in the traditional sizes 5-8oz, 8-16oz, 16-32oz, 32oz+, Skin On and Skinless Pin Bone In.

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