Batter Flour

Batter mixes are vital to the success of a fish and chip shop, so choosing the right one for your business, products and customers is important! To help you out, we have developed a range of mixes that gives your business what it needs - the perfect batter.

From the gluten free Pulse mix to ClasSeaco's crispy finish, we are here to help make sure your business gets the product that helps your battered, deep-fried products taste great.

ClasSeaco logo and fish


Created to help you produce high-quality deep-fried battered food, ClasSeaco has been blended from British wheat flour and cooks up to be crispy in appearance. This product also helps your food hold well in your top box.

Golden Scales Batter Bag

Golden Scales

Golden Scales Premier Mix is an exclusive product that has been designed by Friars Pride. This premier mix is a naturally well balanced, which helps give a crispy end product.

Supa-Save Batter Bag

Super Saver

Friars Pride’s Super-Saver Batter Mix is perfect if you are looking for a batter that is golden in colour. This mix gives a crispy finish and makes sure your food sits well in a top box.

Pulse Batter Bag


Pulse Flour helps create a far less greasy product, it does this by reducing the amount of oil that is absorbed into the food. If you are looking for a mix that is gluten free, contains more protein and has less sugar, this is the product you have been looking for!