ClasSeaco Batter Mix 12.5kg


ClasSeaco Batter Mix is available in a 12.5kg bag.  

ClasSeaCo has a range of features, all of which make this batter mix a popular choice for many fish friers who are looking for a high-quality batter.

  1. Colour – A light but golden colour
  2. Taste – A crispy batter
  3. Top box – this batter can perform in the top box, and can remain in a good condition
  4. Mixing – this is an easy to mix product
  5. Consistency – this product offers a consistency by:
    1. Using a clever mix of flours
    2. Sieved multiple times
    3. Passes through metal detection
  6. Coverage – stays well on products, including frozen lines such as sausages
  7. Oil usage – compared to some standard batter mixes, ClasSeaCo may absorb less oil – meaning you can save on oil costs
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