Brim Seafood Providing Quality Cod to Friars Pride

Fishing predominantly out of the Icelandic waters around Greenland, Brim Seafood are suppliers of quality Frozen at Sea Cod since 1998. Brim have staff and crew with over 50 years of fishing experience on their side and a huge wealth of combined fishing expertise as well as a 4-strong fleet of vessels.

With the Kleifaberg vessel fishing for Friars Pride, Brim provides only the highest quality FAS Cod. The vessels can be out at sea for as long as 4 weeks at a time and during fishing, once the fish is reeled in, it is frozen on board the freezer trawler to -18°C within 4 hours, keeping the quality high until it reaches the end consumer. The supply is monitored with quality control at all stages from catch to export to keep this standard of fish extremely high.
As well as this, Brim look to sustain resources through responsible fisheries, shown by their MSC and IRF certifications. To find out more about the MSC, click here.

Brim put their name amongst the biggest fishing companies originating in Iceland. In 2016 Brim Seafoods made up an average of 22.5% of all Cod fillets produced in Iceland. Indriði Ívarsson from Brim stated that...

"It is quality and service that sets us [Brim] apart from other trawlers"

...which is made apparent by the fantastic stock that is then sold on to the Friars Pride customers to use in their shops.

The Brim Seafood Range Of Cod

The current stock that Friars Pride supplies is as follows:

SL/BL 16-32oz Cod- Kleifaberg Brim 2x9kg (Product Code FFIBS16BJ)

S/L 8-16oz Cod Kleifaberg Brim  2x9kg (Product Code FFIS08B)

S/L 16-32oz Cod Kleifaberg Brim 2x9kg (Product Code FFIS16B)

S/L  32oz+   Cod Kleifaberg Brim 2x9kg (Product Code FFIS32BJ)

More information can be found on our Fish Page or by visiting Brim's website.
Alternatively, for information and sales please contact telesales on 01733 316400.