Friars Pride - MSC Certified

The MSC is an international not for profit organisation that works to protect the oceans, safeguarding seafood.  Their vision is to work to see the oceans of the world "teeming with life".  Working to this goal will provide the environment for the seafood industry to be protected for future generations.  They have been working for over 20 years with scientists, fisheries and seafood producers to develop a set of guiding principles to promote sustainable fishing.

The MSC Ecolabel

MSC logo

Through paying to use the ecolabel organisation involved in the seafood industry are able to contribute to the health of the world's oceans.  The ecolabel is designed to offer a clear mark of chain of custody and to be a recognisable mark that can help consumers make choices when selecting and  buying seafood, both in retail and within out of home markets.

Friars Pride supplies MSC certified fish and is able to use the ecolabel mark legitimately.  We are there able to offer our customers full chain of custody, which intern, means fish and chip shops and caterers buying certified fish from Friars Pride can apply and pay to use the ecolabel themselves.

Being a member of MSC and being a registers MSC ecolabel user means that Friars Pride is able to visually demonstrate and market the use the logo.  As an organisation we can prove the traceability of the sustainable seafood we supply and offer the chain of custody many seafood buyers desire.