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Hook & Fish Packaging - Five reasons why you should use them in your business.

From corrugated packaging to the accompanying greaseproof paper, right through to 4oz and 7oz card pots and takeaway bags, choosing the right packaging to server your perfect fish and chips is a crucial decision.

Originally, fish and chips was wrapped in a newspaper, the off cuts from the newsprint industry and hence the very popular newsprint design for the greaseproof paper and outer packaging .

However as the times changed, the needs of consumers have changed with them.  There is now a variety of paper-based card and corrugated packaging options from single compartment MK and corrugated boxes to the  portion control focused two compartment corrugated boxes.

All packaging can be used to control portion size, some forms are better than others, however the main focus also is the heat retention and protect of your food as consumers make the journey home with their takeaway meal of fish and chips.

The Hook & Fish Packaging range was introduced by Friars Pride and The Q Partnership in order to bring choice to the industry.  The Hook & Fish Packaging range brought together a  high quality design to give you a chance to stand out of the crowd and promote your business and to offer a broad portfolio of packaging options, to suit every need.

Why consider Hook & Fish Packaging for your business?

• Design – Hook and Fish as a fish and chips packaging range has been specially designed to appeal to your customers. It looks like no other packaging and is guaranteed to make your chippy stand out from the crowd. First impression is always crucial!

• Quality – The whole range, whether it’s greaseproof paper, corrugated boxes or side order pots have been tested in the real commercial conditions. Boxes and pots hold the food very well keeping it warm and fresh for longer giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

• Brand – Hook and Fish offers a complete fish and chips packaging range. From the pot of peas or gravy, through the greaseproof paper right until the lid on the box it creates a well balanced and tasteful composition.

• Novelty – although customers love the British tradition that is having fish and chips every Friday (Fryday) they also seek a modern twist to it to make it more fun and up-to-date. This range offers you just hat – traditional taste in a completely modern packaging.

• Price – Hook and Fish is an affordable choice so you don’t have to compromise on quality whilst creating a social buzz around your fish and chip shop.

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