Q Frying Fats & Oils

Q Frying Fats and Oils is a range of frying medium specifically designed to offer variety and choice to both fish friers and all those chefs working in deep frying environments.

The Q Frying Fats & Oils range has been developed in response to the wide variety of needs when it comes to frying medium.  The range offers a variety of features and benefits, delivered through individual brands, offering choices including high performance and long life, sustainability, non-hydrogenation, reduced saturated fat, beef dripping and vegetable oil.

Each brand in the Q Frying Fats & Oils range has been rancimat tested to determine frying life and performance.  The test determines the resistance of an oil or fat to oxidation or chemical breakdown during frying.  The process to determine a rancimat value is achieved by holding a small quantity of fresh oil or fat at a high temperature, usually 120 degrees, and pass air through it.  The results of this test will show that oils and fats that are more resistant to breakdown will demonstrate a longer time period of resistance prior to chemical deterioration.

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