Mushy Peas

Mushy Peas are a traditional side to fish and chips. So make sure you offer a pea that your customers will love, with our choice of brands you will find yourself a pea that will be the perfect side to your fish.

Mushy peas are a great up-sell product, easy to make and can generate a good margin. So, make sure you are asking your customers if they want mushy peas - it's a easy way of increasing your profits!

Q Brand Mushy Pea Tins

Q Chip Shop

Q Chip Shop mushy peas are a great addition to your business. With a natural colour and a thick consistency this product will keep your customers coming back for more!

Q Marrowfat Pea Pack

Q Superior Marrowfat 

Q Superior Marrowfat Peas have proven to be a popular pea. This product, takes a small amount of preparation but, is well worth it and can be a great profit generator for your business.

Great Greens Packaging

Great Greens

Great Greens have to meet our strict criteria. Crop samples are checked and the colour of the crop and the ability to steep is vital, so with Great Green you know you are getting a quality product.