42nd Street

42nd Street is a range of frozen food that has been developed with a specific focus on the quality of ingredients and cuts of meat.  From the flagship Classic Sausages, made from 50% prime cuts of pork, to whole muscle chicken breast for the Chicken Fillet Bites and the 42nd Street 120g Chicken Fillet Burger, through to beef burgers made with only forequarter and flank cuts of beef.

The range comes with point of sale for each line, to help you advertise and promote to your customers.  Each of the products carries Save & Select loyalty points, so you can earn points as you purchase to redeem for vouchers all year round.

At the National Fish & Chip Awards 2019, once again the Classic Sausages was the choice of winners, used by the majority of top winning shops.  We are proud that in 2019, the UK's No.1 Independent Fish & Chip Shop of the Year, Krispies of Exmouth, use 42nd Street Classic Sausages.

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