Leinebris Haddock – Cost-Effective Quality

The MS Leinebris is a Norwegian fishing vessel that exclusively supplies Friars Pride with premium, line caught Haddock that is MSC certified. The MS Leinebris fishes all year round and does not trawl catch fish, it only line catches fish. Being line caught means that all the haddock that is caught is brought on board the vessel one at a time. This method of catching helps to ensure the Haddock is of the highest quality.

Leinebris Price Comparisons

Leinebris Haddock while being of the highest quality, it might surprise you with how cost effective these FAS (Frozen at Sea) Haddock fillets are when compared to IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Haddock.

Leinebris Price Comparison

When comparing these two types of Haddock, IQF fillets have a high percentage water glaze, while Leinebris Haddock fillets have no added water and are frozen at sea. Helping lock in the freshness and quality of the FAS Haddock.

Leinebris Haddock – Get The Facts

There are many benefits and features of Leinebris Haddock, here are some Leinebris facts.

  • Sold in cases comprising 3 x 6.81kg inner slabs
  • Slabs fully interleaved, you don’t have to defrost a whole slab, you can shatter and remove fillets one at a time
  • Fresh Frozen at Sea
  • Just Haddock fillets no added water weight through glazing
  • Cost effective when comparing fillet price per portion
  • Highest quality
  • MSC Certified
  • Offers you the ability to charge more for a superior line caught Haddock meal
  • Available in fillet sizes 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-14oz, 14-16oz, 16-24oz, 16-32oz • Point of Sale available

About Leinebris

Leinebris are a family company that have a heritage that goes back to 1898. They operate one of the most modern longlingers which allows them to catch the finest quality fish all year round. They catch their fish in the cold and clear waters of the Northeast Atlantic.

The MS Leinebris vessel uses some of the very best technology available, the facilities ensure the line caught fish stays fresh and perfectly white. The fish is frozen to -18 degrees within just three hours of catch, locking in the quality. The line caught method of fishing is an environmentally friendly method and is also a sustainable method.

Point Of Sale Available

When you are offering such a high-quality line caught Haddock you want to promote this to your customers. We have a FREE poster that helps show your customers the quality of the Leinebris Haddock, to request your poster simply go to our point of sales section and place it as an order by clicking here.

Get In Touch

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You can also click here to visit Leinebris own website to find out more about their business and their history.