All You Need to Know About Seafood Week 2018!

Seafood Week returns for 2018 between Friday 5th October and Friday 12th October with a celebration of Seafood in all of its forms and Friars Pride are proud to be official Seafood Week Supporters.

With a full 8-day planner to help inspire you, as well as multiple prize giveaways, Seafood Week 2018 already has plenty of reasons for you get involved! Starting on Friday 5th October Mackerel will take centre stage, with the nation’s favourite dish (Fish & Chips!) appearing on Monday 8th before the week finishes with the store cupboard staple, Tuna.
See the below list for a full breakdown of Seafood Week 2018, click on the links to see how you could utilise each fish!

Day 1 – Mackerel– Friday 5th October – A great value fish with a distinctive flavour, mackerel is packed with healthy oils which makes it healthy as well as delicious!
Day 2 – Crab – Saturday 6th October – A light, but tasty addition to your weekend feast, crab meat is readily available and quick to prepare.
Day 3 – Mussels – Sunday 7th October – The UK grows fantastic mussels and they make a fine starter, lunch or main course.
Day 4 – Fish & Chips!– Monday 8th October – The Nation’s Favourite Fish, Fish & Chips is an absolute classic – battered, breaded, baked, fried – It is a treat for all the senses.
Day 5 – Scallops – Tuesday 9th October – Nothing cheers up your mid-week menu quite like scallops. Not only are they fast and easy to prepare, but they’re delicious and can be cooked in a variety of ways.
Day 6 – Langoustines – Wednesday 10th October – Also known as the Dublin Bay prawn, Norwegian lobster or nephrops, langoustines are a meatier version of the prawn with a fresh and sweet after taste. Oven roasted, served whole or split in half, the possibilities are endless.
Day 7 – Plaice – Thursday 11th October – This mild flavoured fish is easily identified by the distinctive orange spots on its skin, which also give an indication of the freshness (the brighter the spots, the fresher the plaice).
Day 8 – Tuna – Friday 12th October – Every menu should have fresh tuna! With its firm, rich red meat, you could almost describe this as the ‘cow of the sea’ and like steak, is best seared on the outside, rare in the centre.

What else is happening for Seafood Week 2018?
There are lots of activities to get involved in, including competitions!
One such competition will give you the chance to win £250 of supermarket vouchers in return for answering the question of ‘how many portions of Seafood should we eat per week?’, whereas there are 50 Seafood Bundles available for knowing the UK’s largest inland fish market.
Stay tuned to the Friars Pride social media pages and to keep up to date with Seafood Week as it happens!