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From Trawlers to Tradeshows, the Fishermen of FRY I.T.


Friars Pride FRY I.T. 2017

FRY I.T. 2017 - Frying & Family Fun in Exeter!


Friars Pride MyChippy.com Fishermens Mission

Fish & Fun at the MyChippy.com Charity Day!

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Friars Pride Innovate Foods FRY I.T. 2017

The 5 Days of FRY I.T. Winners are...

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Fish, Chips and...?

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gluten free

Gluten Free Fish & Chips

I’ve dealt with Friars Pride for years and have a good relationship with my Area Sales Manager and Telesales representative, who keep me up to..
Steve Arron, Greenstead Fish Bar, Colchester

Friars Pride – Putting The Pride Into Food Service

Friars Pride is an independent family owned fish and chip wholesaler, established over 40 years ago in Peterborough. Today the company spans three generations, sharing a real passion for fish and chips. We also pride ourselves in our bakery division, sourcing the ingredients that ‘bake the difference’!
We have grown to be a premier fish and chip wholesaler to fish & chip shops, fast food outlets and bakers in the Midlands, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, the East, South, South East and South West of England.
Friars Pride offers a variety of quality products from Frozen At Sea (FAS) fish, block and liquid fats and oils and drippingfrozen goods, packaging (including Hook and Fish packaging), drinks to dried goods. In addition we offer a wide variety of quality branded products to own label brands exclusively available from The Q Partnership.

Our ambition is to offer unrivalled customer service… Our motto is putting the ‘pride’ into food service.