FriWite All Vegetable Frying Fat 12.5kg (SG)


FriWite: A premium quality solid palm oil made from carefully selected, certifiably sustainable, low-colour palm fruits. FriWite is a solid vegetable oil that offers a pure and light fry.

FriWite palm oil is RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sustainable. Free point of sale is available for FriWite customers, including a poster and window sticker that promote FriWite as a RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

One of Friars Pride most popular choices since its initial launch, and continues to be a popular choice with fish friars and takeaways because of its extended frying life and ability to produce consistently excellent results and long-lasting performance without any loss in quality – it is always reliable.

FriWite is a high quality, solid, long lasting palm oil that is fully sustainable. With no artificial colours, additives or preservatives and is free from allergens and gluten.

This product is manufactured from RSPO [Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil] certified sustainable palm oil - Check our progress at

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Fries light in colour.
  • Provides an extended frying life.
  • No hydrogenated fats.
  • Less than 1% trans fat.
  • 100% vegetable oil.
  • Smoke point 221-232 °C
  • Flash point 315-332 °C

Portion Yields: 12.5 KG equals approximately 14 litres in liquid form.

Shelf Life: Non-perishable, long life!

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from strong odours and direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% vegetable oil (palm oil).

Nutrition: Per 100g - Energy 3696 KJ / 899 kcal; Fat 99.9g; Of Which Saturated Fat 51g; Carbohydrate 0g; Of Which Sugars 0g; Fibre 0g; Protein 0g; Salt 0g.

Allergens: None.

About Palm Oil: Unlike other oils, palm oil doesn’t break down or lose its nutritional value at high heat. With its high smoke point, it’s a smarter choice than many other fats and oils. Its neutral flavour also doesn’t detract from the food you’re cooking.

Palm oil is non-GMO, balanced and ultra-nutritious. This naturally trans fat-free oil contains almost equal amounts of unsaturated fats and saturated fats. In the body, palm oil behaves more like a monounsaturated fat. It has virtually no adverse impact on your cholesterol levels.

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