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Royal Greenland’s New Catch

The newest addition to our direct supply straight from trawler to you is Royal Greenland Frozen-at-Sea Cod. Currently there are excellent stocks of large skinless pbi fillets 16-32 and 32oz+ pbi Cod, with smaller quantities of 16-32 and 32oz+ skin on pbi fillets.
The Atlantic Cod fished by Royal Greenland has time to fully develop the intense and slightly sweet flavour, because the cold and clean surroundings make the cod grow more slowly than elsewhere, this also means that the meat is slightly firmer. Once the Cod has been caught, the catch is hauled on board the vessel before being sorted, processed and frozen within a few hours, providing seafood of extremely fresh quality.
As well as delivering high quality Frozen-at-Sea Cod, Royal Greenland’s mission is based around valuing the people that help ensure they deliver great produce, all the way to the people who consume it, acting with the same integrity and transparency throughout.

“We are closest to the fish, closest to the customers and closest to the consumers”

They also focus on sustainable fishing, shown by the accolade of an MSC certification, which ensures that they manage the resources that they have access to in a sustainable fashion to ensure there is a future for the fishing industry.

In addition to the range of Royal Greenland fish already on offer, the below are now available to purchase through Friars Pride:

FFN16RG     Frozen-at-Sea Skin-on, pin bone in 16-32oz                               Cod  Royal Greenland (M.S.C) (8)

FFN32RG     Frozen-at-Sea Skin/On 32oz+ Cod Royal                                   Greenland  (RG9)(RG11) (M.S.C) (11)

FFNS16RG   Frozen-at-Sea Skinless 16-32oz Cod- Royal                               Greenland  (M.S.C)(16)

FFNS32RG   Frozen-at-Sea Skinless, pin bone in 32oz+ Cod                         Royal Greenland (M.S.C) (17)

For more information, please call our telesales team on 01733 316400 or visit the Fish Page of our website

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