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Leinebris premium Norwegian Haddock now in stock

Friars Pride are delighted to announce direct supply from the Leinebris longliner and stocks of premium Norwegian Haddock, available to purchase.

What’s special about Leinebris premium Norwegian Haddock 8-16oz?

Leinebris Haddock 8-16oz is of the finest quality, maintaining its white, firm texture and fresh qualities through being block frozen at sea (FAS) and packed in 3 x 15lb inners. It is line caught – an environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method – via the vessel which uses the very best equipment, technology and facilities to ensure the fish is treated in the best possible way from catch to frozen to -18 degrees within three hours. This ensures the quality of the fish is locked in and is ‘fresher than fresh’.
Tell me more about Leinebris?
A Norwegian family company dating back to 1898, they own and operate the world’s most modern longliner.  The company guarantees:

  • Sustainability – MSC certified from the Barents Sea
  • Traceability – all fish fully traceable
  • Quality – hook and line caught and frozen ensuring premium quality and freshness

To place your order, please call 01733 316400 or add their Haddock to your Wish List

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