Leinebris Line Caught Tighter Graded Skin On Pin Bone In Cod 6-8oz 3x15lb MSC


The MS Leinebris vessel catches quality wild fish all year round, giving you access to the premium cod and haddock fillets from Leinebris. The fish is frozen within three hours to ensure the quality of the cod and haddock and is ‘fresher than fresh’.

Leinebris is MSC certified and the cod and haddock from Leinebris is exclusive to Friars Pride.

This Leinebris Skin On and Pin Bone In 6-8oz cod was line caught by MS Leinebris. The following sizes are available: 3-5oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-14oz, 14-16oz and 16-32oz.

To find out more about Leinebris and their longline catching method click here.

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