Welcome to the new Friars Pride website!

Team Friars Pride is proud to welcome everyone to the new www.friarspride.com

Bringing you much more functionality and resources than our previous website, the new www.friarspride.com has been structured with your business in mind.

What’s New?

Wish Lists

Now you can search our online product catalogue, complete with product images and information to create your very own wish list of products.  Simply register your details and immediately the site will allow you to create your wish lists.  Within the wish list function you will be able to select your products, enter the quantities and send straight into the Friars Pride sales team, who will be able to respond to you with delivery and pricing information.  Once you have registered for wish list, each time you log in when on the site, you will see your previous wish list.  You will be able to add to this or create a new one.
For new customers this is an opportunity to get in touch with Friars Pride at a time that is good for you and to get a call back with your requested information.  For our existing customers you might think of using the wish list to find new products you might not have been aware that we can offer you, or simply use the function to let us know you need some emergency items.  Obviously our delivery schedules still apply, however the sales team will be happy to help you.

Buy Now Deals

If you are a Friars Pride customer and account holder you will be able to request access to our Buy Now Deals area.  Access here is not instantaneous, however we are aiming to be as quick as possible with your requests.  In this area you will be able to order the Buy Now Deals that are available and the sales team will call you to arrange delivery.  Payment will be Cash on Delivery.  Do get registered today to make sure you don’t miss out! Click here to register now.


From the home page click on the Resources widget and view point of sale material that is available for you to order.  Fill in your details and Friars Pride will make sure you get sent the items you request.  Why not click here to see for yourself! 

The Marketing Club - Register your interest – don’t delay!

New to the website, The Marketing Club area is a dedicated members only area.
The Marketing Club is intended to offer marketing hints and tips that may be relevant to your business.  This is very new and we are open your suggestions.
Make sure you register your interest and see what knowledge share is available on the site now!  Also make sure you fill in the feedback form or simply email marketing@friarspride.com with your suggestions for the topics you would like to find out more about.