The secret to success in the fish & chip industry

Fish and chip is still by far Britain’s favourite take-away food. But how does that translate into sales?

What is the secret to a busy and successful chip shop?

Using example of any well known chain of fast food you will notice that each time you order your food, the person behind the counter will ask you number of questions. Namely:
“Would you like a meal deal?” “Would you like to make that double for extra x pence?” “Would you like a drink with your order?” “Would you like side order with your order?”
Chances are that 90% of the time you will say “yes please”. This is up selling at its best.
Fish and chips is ought to be enjoyed with a side of mushy peas, curry, gravy or more recently coleslaw salad, tartare sauce etc. As it often happens, customers simply forget to ask.

Train your staff to ask each customer one simple question to start with “would you like a side of mushy peas/curry/gravy (or whatever you offer in your shop) with your order?”.

After a period of time you will certainly notice that sales of those products have considerably gone up!


- pick few key items to up sell, don’t try and do it across your whole menu!  – If it’s a warm day ask ‘would you like a drink?’ as that’s a common item people forget to order. But as we are going into the winter I would recommend a warm side – peas, curry sauce or gravy.
choose the time to start up selling if you’ve not done it before – instead of a busy Friday night, go for quiet mid week lunchtime not to hold up the queue and to make it less stressful for your staff
- it helps if you are able to display your sides – customers often look around the shop whilst queuing and so it’s wise to place the items you are trying to up sell some place visible

To help you jump start the process
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