UK Sausage Week 2019

UK Sausage week is back, and we are getting ready to celebrate the Great British sausage with our 42nd Street Classic Sausage – a high-quality sausage made with only the prime cuts of pork.

UK Sausage Week 2019 takes place from the 28th October to the 3rd November and helps raise the profile of a chip shop classic – the sausage! Join us in celebrating the week with 42nd Street Classic Sausages.

Join In The Celebrations

There are many ways you can join in the UK Sausage Week 2019 celebration from the 28th October to the 3rd November. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Promote sausage and chips – this can be done with posters, you can also download UK Sausage Week posters by clicking here. The 42nd Street Classic Sausage poster is available from Friars Pride and is free of charge, click here.
  • Run a special offer – run a special offer on sausage and chips. A Lite-BITE sausage and chips meal would be perfect for a lunch time promotion!
  • Ask the customer – why not ask every customer if they would like to add a sausage to their order to celebrate UK Sausage Week.
  • Run a competition – you could run a competition either in store or on social media – or even both! The winner gets a prize, it could even be a free sausage and chips!

These are just a few ways you could get your customers joining in the celebrations, make sure you send us your pictures so we can see how you are celebrating!

42nd Street Classic SausagePlain sausage and chips

Join in the celebrations with the 42nd Street Classic Sausage. It is truly a pork sausage because of its 50% pork content – all from prime cuts of pork. This sausage has a fantastic flavour and a succulent and firm bite, making it a popular choice for fish and chip shops in the UK. The 42nd Street Classic Sausage can be great plain or battered, and is available in 4s, 6s and 8s. The classic sausage is also available in gluten free – ask your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent for more information.

Request Your 42nd Street Point Of Sale

There are free posters available to help promote the 42nd Street Sausage. To request your free posters talk to your Telesales Agent or click here and let us know how many you would like. We will then get posters out to you as quickly as possible – ready for you to join in the celebrations!

We also have free digital menu board content for the 42nd Street Classic Sausage. This video can be used either on a digital menu board or can be perfect for use on social media to promote your shop and the sausage.

Here To Help

Here at Friars Pride we are here to help, if you have any questions or queries please let us know. You can contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent, alternatively you can click here to contact your local depot.