Sneak Peek: Why Should YOU Try it at FRY I.T.?

Because we're so excited for FRY I.T. 2017, we've decided to give a sneak preview of just a couple of questions from our Q & A section which will be appearing in the next issue of Fry Magazine!

"Q. Why should YOU attend FRY I.T. 2017?
A. FRY I.T. 2017 is an exhibition arranged solely for fish friers in order to showcase the latest industry innovations and product launches as well as a great opportunity to meet suppliers and trade contacts throughout the day.

Q. How do you order the free tickets?
A. You can order your tickets absolutely free of charge at or contact telesales on 01733 316400 for more information.
With every order also comes the chance to win an iPad by being automatically entered into our prize draw!"

For more information on FRY I.T. 2017, please follow instructions from question 2, above, or take a look at the new Chippy Chat & Fast Food magazine, where the front cover has been dedicated entirely to us, as well as containing a Try it at FRY I.T. section.
We hope that you will join us and Try it at FRY I.T.!