From Trawlers to Tradeshows, the Fishermen of FRY I.T.

It's no secret that selling great quality fish is our bread and butter (or should we say Fish & Chips) here at Friars Pride.
But where does all the fish come from?

If you were at FRY I.T. 2017 on Sunday 19th March you may have had the chance to meet representatives from the various fishing trawlers who help us by catching some fantastic fish from the North Atlantic to the Barents Sea.
At this year's show, we had representatives from the JFK Gadus and Leinebris vessels, as well as Rammi, Atlantika Ocean Trawlers and Royal Greenland. There was immense interest in all of the vessels with fish being sold through the on-the-day order forms and great produce coming from Iceland, Norway, Russia and the Faroe Islands on offer. Furthermore, all of the fish caught from these vessels is MSC certified, meaning that it is all caught in a sustainable fashion as well as being frozen at sea, meaning that when it arrives at your shop it is still as fresh as the day it was caught.

Travelling all the way from Norway, Daniel Harbo Pinheiro of the MS Leinebris said
"It was very interesting to meet the Fish & Chip shops and exchange thoughts and experiences about the industry. I was immensely proud to see how interested they were in the Leinebris brand, and it was great to hear them recognize the longline catching method as the most sustainable and environmentally friendly."

Speaking about his enjoyment of the day and why being a part of the UK's Fish & Chip industry is important to him, Daniel then went on to say, "FRY I.T. was a great day out, a well organized exhibition. As a Norwegian family business with a heritage going back to 1898 I can say that we’re honored to be associated with the UK’s Fish & Chip industry."

We are very proud and appreciative to have such strong relationships with the fishing community and this is reflected in the high quality of product that we help deliver. So keep an eye open for information about more of our fishing partners in the coming weeks.
For more information on all of the fish supplied by Friars Pride, please follow the link to our FISH PAGE or call sales on 01733 316400