The Reason Pork Prices Have Increased

Many shops have been affected by the increase of pork this year. The main reason for the price increase is from China where an epidemic of African swine fever (ASF) ravaged their farms and spread at high speed. As the disease is airborne it then spread into nine Asian countries including Vietnam and the Philippines.

Due to the disease and culling a rough estimation has said that the country’s pig population shrunk by a whooping 40% in 2019, which is approximately 250 million pigs. With an increased prediction of 50% by April 2020.

China and other Asian countries have had to increase their imports from the UK and Europe and are prepared to pay the highest prices to secure what they need to support their consumer population, which is roughly 30%.

Due to this, the price of manufacturing pork has already reached record levels and as demand gets greater price increases are expected to continue over the coming months.

Pork Supplies

In order for suppliers to secure their supply they have been forced to pay market prices against the value of product exported to China. There has been up to a 70% charge for some core materials, which has seen a huge impact on product prices.

Some suppliers have been left without stock of frozen or chilled materials due to the increased demand and a huge amount of stress has been put on them to deliver the products.

We are working with suppliers to keep our prices as low as possible, but some price increases are undoubtably essential.

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