The #NationalPieWeek Polls Are In!

National Pie Week is now nearing its end and we've had a great time celebrating all things pie!
During the week staff at the Friars Pride Peterborough Office got the chance to taste the new Pukka offering, the Veggie Tikka Masala pie, which went down extremely well. Whether it's the filling or pastry, the humble pie is a great british staple that has been adored for generations, but one question we've always wanted to know the answer to is how do you eat yours and what do you eat yours with?
The Chip Shop pie can be eaten in many ways, lid up, bottoms up, or even picked up and eaten like a sandwich, it really is your choice!
Throughout Pie Week, a poll has been running on the Friars Pride Facebook page, with the 'proper' way to eat a pie being voted the lid up method!

But more importantly than how you eat your pie is what accompanies it, the age old question... Chips or Mash! 

Pukka, along with the endorsement of legendary cricketer and pie connoisseur Andrew Flintoff, decided to take the Great Pie Debate to the nation to find the truth behind what should partner your pie.
With the social media campaign taking the nation by storm, a whole host of famous faces got involved on social media to have their say, including Paddy McGuinnes who gave a thumbs up and said his choice was "Mash all day".

A winner has now emerged...
Narrowly inching the victory with 56% of the vote, the people have spoken and the winner is...



For more information about Pukka or any of the pie ranges available from Friars Pride, please call telesales on 01733 316400