Tell Us Why You Love Leinebris!

Leinebris Competition

Here at Friars Pride we love Leinebris, and we believe you do as well! So, we want to know why you love Leinebris or why you would love to win some!

Leinebris is the finest quality. The fish is block frozen at sea to make sure it maintains its white, fine texture and its fresh qualities. It is all line-caught – which is an environmentally friendly fishing method, and also a sustainable method!

The Competition

We are delighted to be running a competition to give you the chance to win either one of two Leinebris inners or one of five replica hooks. We have made this competition as simple as possible to enter – all you need to do is fill in our basic form and answer the question, why would you love to win some Leinebris or why you love their fish! Click here to enter the competition and see if you could be the lucky winner.

We look forward to seeing why you would love to win, or what you love about Leinebris! The competition is free and runs till the 17th of May. Terms and conditions apply.

About The Company

Leinebris are a Norwegian family company that operates one of the most modern longliners, this allows them to catch some of the finest quality of fish all year round in the cold and clear Northeast Atlantic. They are a family company with a heritage that goes back to 1898.

The Vessel

Leinebris Vessel

The Leinebris vessel uses some of the very best equipment and technology aboard the ship, the facilities ensure the fish is looked after to make sure it stays fresh and perfectly white. The fish is frozen to -18 degrees within just three hours of catch, making sure the quality of the fish is locked in and the fish stays as fresh as possible.

Currently Not Using Leinebris?

If you don’t currently use Leinebris, why not give it a try? Talk to your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent who will be happy to help. You can also place an order on the website, or leave us a wishlist if you would like more information by clicking here.

To find out more visit their website by clicking here, or talk to your Area Sales Manager to find out more about the range.