Take A Look At The Q Frying Oils And Fats Range

The Q frying oils & fats range has become a popular range of oils and fats for fish and chip shops and caterers. This range of oils has something for everyone, including vegetable oils and deodorised beef dripping.

If you are looking for a new oil, or an alternative to what you are currently using, have a look at the Q frying oils and fats range. With some business and shops looking for a longer lasting oil, while some shops are looking for sustainability or healthier alternatives, the Q Partnership has created a range of oils and fats that could fulfil your needs.

The Q Frying Range offers a variety of features and benefits, below we have a look at some of the different Q frying oils and fats to help you choose the product that is suitable for your shop.

Chips in oil

Q Platinum – Solid Vegetable

Q Platinum is a solid vegetable oil that offers powers and performance. This oil brings together a lend of palm and hydrogenated palm, this produces an oil with an exceptional frying life. This oil can be used for heavy duty frying operations and will resist breakdown in a high output environment.

Q Silver – Solid Vegetable Q Palm and Q Silver

Q Silver has been developed to be used at high temperatures and to perform under some of the most demanding frying conditions. This is a solid vegetable oil that uses a unique mix of palm, hydrogenated palm and rapeseed oil.

This oil offers a distinctive savoury note and aroma which means it can be suitable if you are looking for a vegetable oil that has a similar taste profile to dripping.

Q Gold – Solid Palm

Q Gold is produced using fully sustainable solid palm oil. This oil has a natural colour, contains no hydrogenated fats and is a premium quality palm. If you want to offer a RSPO palm oil, this could be an option for you.

Q Palm – Solid Palm

Q Palm is a premium solid palm oil that is produced from high specification palm fruits. This product has no hydrogenated fat and is certifiably sustainable. If you are looking for a sustainable palm that can consistently offer great results, this could be the oil for you.


Q Plus – Semi-Solid Vegetable

Q Plus is a long-lasting oil which is suitable for a busy frying environment. This oil is a blend of two premium quality frying oils; palm and rape seed. This product contains no hydrogenated fats and due to the blend of oils used, it can give a frying life which is three times longer than that of a standard liquid vegetable oil.

Q Prestige – A Solid Blend of Palm Oil and Duck Fat

Q Prestige offers a unique flavour and an exceptional performance. This oil is a solid blend of palm oil and duck fat, this blend creates dry and crisp fried food which has a distinctive flavour. This product contains no hydrogenated fat and has a frying life which is longer than standard palm.

Q Toreno – Deodorised Beef Dripping Q Gold, Q Platinum, Q Toreno and Q Bronze

Q Toreno is a premier Jus beef dripping which is producted from the finest quality raw material. Only caul and kidney fat is selected as theses are able to withstand frying at high temperatures – there is no soft body fat in this beef dripping.

Q Toreno also has naturally occurring anti-oxidants added, this gives the oil a longer frying life than standard deodorised drippings. If you are looking for a long lasting, finest quality, Irish dripping Q Toreno is your frying medium.

Q Bronze - Deodorised Beef Dripping

Q Bronze has been developed to be the perfect choice if you are looking for a quality, deodorised, long-lasting German dripping. This dripping has been produced to an extremely high standards and has anti-oxidants added to help it become resistant to breakdown during use – giving it an extended frying life.

Q XL - Deodorised Beef Dripping

Q XL is a refined and deodorised beef dripping which is produced from premium grade raw materials. This beef dripping is a reliable product that produces traditional tasting foods.

Need Help Choosing?

If you require any help choosing the correct frying medium for your business, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent and they will help you make a choice on which fat or oil may be the most suitable for your business. Alternatively you can find the contact information for your local depot by clicking here.

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