Spot lorry for chance to win a pan of FriWite!

We have added a custom FriWite design to our expanding fleet, enabling the benefits of a ‘pure and light fry’ to hit the roads throughout the country!

The custom FriWite design displays an appetising fish and chip meal (guaranteed to get a few fellow drivers stomach’s rumbling!) and lists the benefits of the premium quality frying medium, including an extended frying life, a pure and light colour, less than 1% trans fat and no hydrogenated fat.
Look out for the ‘FriWite lorry’ on your next delivery and make sure to send a picture to @FriWite on Twitter and you could win your next pan of FriWite for free!
FriWite on Twitter: @FriWite
FriWite official website

  • Fries pure and light in colour
  • Provides an extended frying life
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • Less than 1% trans fat
  • 100% vegetable oils
  • Exclusivity available from The Q Partnership
  • FREE Posters and window stickers available