Saica Pack Conference

We were delighted for Vince Willows, Sales Director at Friars Pride, to be able to attend the European Sales Conference, Saica Pack, in Sevilla. This conference has many benefits to attending, many of which can help you, our customers.

The conference was over two days and was filled with packaging innovations and detailed information on the latest trends and developments in packaging – which in turn we use to help develop our latest packaging ranges which are designed to benefit you, and your business.

Fold It Bin It Fold It Bin It

We are in a privileged position to be able to attend these events. These events allow us to continue to bring new packaging options that can benefit your business, including developments on helping to keep your food warm when packaged, which gives your customers the best possible experience when buying from yourself.

One such piece of packaging that was on display was the Fold It Bin It box. This box was displayed at the show and was presented in the European Innovation Contest at Saica Pack.

This box has been designed to help you reduce the space that waste can take up. This box is easily fold-able by your customers after they have finished their food, meaning the box takes up less room in a bin. This is a massive issue in many areas where bins are over flowing outside takeaways.

Give Fold It Bin It A Try

Why not give Fold It Bin It boxes a try in your shop? Talk to your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent who will be happy to talk through the benefits of switching to this high-quality collapsible corrugated box.