Really Great Greens - All you need to know

We are pleased to know our customer's are enjoying our Really Great Greens and love seeing you featured in news articles.
Fred Capel, Owner of Chez Fred in Bournemouth is featured in this months Fry Magazine, talking about the great British side order, mushy peas.
He said he loves Great Greens because, "they give a more consistent colour and better appearance"

Really Great Green are harvested from non-genetically modified plants which helps create a plumper, bigger, green pea. The Great Green Marrowfat Peas come in a 12.5kg bag. To find out more about Really Great Greens steeping peas, request a FREE Really Green Pea Company leaflet for all the insider tricks of the trade or contact a member of our knowledgeable telesales team on 01733 316400.