Q Toreno - Flavour To Savour

Q Toreno is a quality refined and deodorised premier jus beef dripping. This product is produced from only the freshest and quality beef fats. If you use or want to use a premier jus beef dripping in your business, then Q Toreno could be for you.

Q Toreno uses carefully selected caul and kidney, this allows this beef dripping to withstand frying at high temperatures, making it perfect for a busy frying environment. We have added a naturally occurring anti-oxidants which give a longer frying life which is double the standard deodorised beef drippings.

All of this packed in an easy to handle, plastic wrapped 2 x 5kg blocks.

The Winning Beef Dripping

Kellaway’s Fish and Chips in Truro, who is the home of the current Drywite Young Fish Frier of the year – Lauren Kellaway – aim to offer the highest standards possible, and to do this they need to use some of the highest-quality products on the market, and they are using Q Toreno for their beef dripping.

Kellaway’s Fish and Chips and manager Lauren didn’t want to compromise the quality of their products by using a low quality frying medium, this is why they use Q Toreno, as it offers them a premium deodorised beef dripping which is perfect for their business.

Offering A Consistent Fry

Q Toreno has a range of benefits that could it make perfect for your business if you are looking for a deodorised beef dripping! This dripping offers you the perfect combination of a high-quality frying medium and a long-life dripping that is suitable for high temperature frying for long periods of time.  Benefits include:

  • A consistent fry
  • A light colour – which doesn’t darken quickly
  • Double frying life over standard beef dripping
  • Carefully selected fats to withstand high temperatures
  • Easy to handle, plastic wrapped blocks (2 x 5kg blocks)

So, if you are looking for a premier jus deodorised beef dripping, why not give Q Toreno ago? Try it in one of your pans!

Time To Fry?

If you would like to know more about Q Toreno, or if you have any questions or queries for the Friars Pride team feel free to get in touch – we are ready to help! Contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales agent, you can also find our contact details by clicking here.

The Q Fats and Oil Range

Q Frying Fats and Oils

Fish Friers have various different needs when it comes to oils and Fats, this is why we have developed the Q Frying Fats and Oils range – this range includes oils that resist breakdown, sustainable RSPO palm oils and healthier oil alternatives. No matter what type of fat and oil you would like to cook in this range has it.

If you would like to find out more about our Q Frying Fats and Oils range, you can read our article which looks at the entire range which includes vegetable oils, palm oils, beef drippings and blended oils – click here!

If you require any further help with the Q Frying Fats and Oils range, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent and they will help you make a choice on which fat or oil may be the most suitable for your business.