Take the Pukka Pie Challenge and make your customers come back for more!

Pukka Pies and Friars Pride marketing Club have teamed up to give your chippy an excellent opportunity to increase your customer loyalty! 

The idea is simple: You give loyalty cards (provided by us) to your customers and stamp them each time they buy Pukka Pie meal from you. Once the customer has collected 7 stamps, you offer them a FREE* Beef & Onion Pukka Pie (on us) to reward them! 

There are no hidden costs here as Friars Pride will provide the cards and stamp for your convenience. All you have to do is hand out cards to your most loyal customers and watch your sales of Pukka Pies grow.

How to take part!

1) We've made it nice and easy for your convenience, no more double registration! Simply fill in the form here!

The Pukka Pie Challenge is available to our Marketing Club Members - Not to worry if you are not one of them just yet. By submitting you details you are expressing an interest to join the Marketing Club! 

2) Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  If you are one of the first lucky 50 customers you will :

                a) Receive your information pack about what to do and how to trace your sales

b) Receive your Pukka Pie / Marketing Club branded loyalty cards to give to your customers.

c) Run the promotion in your shop and having received any cards with full set of stamps, you will send them to Friars Pride to claim the Pukka Beef and Onion Pies return to you.  

*Up to 50 pies per shop

*Only Beef & Onion can be the pie given away on this promotion