Portion Control = £££ Profit

Are your customers getting a free side order of your shop's profits each time an order flies out of the door?
With the increased price of potatoes in the majority of the UK, with no sign of let up until well into the new year, we feel that this is the opportunity to take a moment to stop and evaluate whether you could be sending profits out of the door with every order without even realising it.

The easiest way to do this is with portion control, which you can adapt in your shop to measure how much you give to your customers. Keep track of your stock by introducing portion sizes to your menu eg. small, medium and large. A great idea for this is to use the two compartment boxes for the best portion control possible. The two compartments provide very specific sections, one for the fish and one for the chips, so serving staff can no longer pile them high and give away profits.
Two compartment boxes have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years because they provide a virtually perfect way to serve and to transport Fish & Chips. This makes them ideal for both takeaway and for home delivery.
Keeping the chips separated from the fish, but still in the same box, prevents them from sticking to the batter and prevents the batter becoming soft and soggy as it is no longer in close contact with moisture from the chips.
The corrugated Two Compartment Box also falls under the Envirocare brand, a Q Partnership initiative to help identify environmentally friendly packaging and offer more visibility into the recyclable and biodegradable status of packaging.
This way you can be safe in the knowledge that your Hook & Fish Two Compartment box isn't going to hurt the environment.

Two compartment boxes are part of the  ‘Hook & Fish’ Packaging range, which gives a fresh, modern and up-to-date image to the Nation’s Most Iconic Dish!
It’s been designed specifically to make sure that Fish & Chips get the recognition they deserve and stand out in the crowded Takeaway & Fast Food Markets!
The range includes everything that’s needed to pack, present and takeaway Fish & Chips; professionally and effortlessly!

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