Frozen Foods

From scampi and fish cakes to sausages and burgers, frozen foods can be an important part of your menu. This is why we pride ourselves on developing a range of products that your customers will love, from our 42nd Street Range all the way to our Pride Pies, we produce high-quality products which are full of flavour.

Ocean Sound Scampi

Ocean Sound

Our Ocean Sound range has proven to be extremely popular with our customers. From our high-quality Wholetail Scampi to our 3 or 4oz Fish Cakes, Ocean Sound can help add a high-quality option to your menu.

42nd street box and sausage

42nd Street 

Our popular 42nd Street brand offers you a wide-range of products that your customers will love. From the Classic Sausage to chicken breast fillets - the 42nd Street product range can help keep your customers coming back for more.

Pride Pie and logo

Pride Pies

Pride Pies are exclusively available from Friars Pride, and are available in four great flavours. Made with a puff pastry case, they hold well in a top box and offer fantastic flavour, deep filled meat content and great value.

Mr President logo and burger

Mr President

Mr President Beef Burgers offer you a choice of burgers for your business. From our economy Lincoln burger to the high-quality Washington burger, we have an option to suit your business and your customers' tastes.