Pulse Flour is made from 100% Natural Pulse Flour and contains more protein, more energy, more fibre and more trace minerals with less carbohydrates, less sodium, less starch and less sugar than Wheat Based Batters. More importantly, when analysed, it was found that the oil absorbed during frying was reduced by up to 46% – producing a far less greasy product.

The Gluten Free Batter Solution

In addition to providing you with a greater yield and added health benefits, this flour delivers a crisp golden batter that is also gluten free!  So what is not to like?

Pulse Flour ...

  • Reduced Oil Pick Up
  • Contains MORE Protein
  • Contains MORE Fibre
  • Contains LESS Sodium
  • Contains LESS Starch
  • Contains LESS Sugar
  • Great Flavour and Taste
  • Gluten Free

How to prepare

Use a mix of 2litres of COLD water to 1kg of the batter flour (This will expand during mixing to create a pleasant tasting coating of good natural colour. Add the flour to the COLD water gradually. Mix briskly without stopping until the desired smooth, thin consistency is achieved.

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