Ocean Sound Scampi – What’s Not To Like?

Ocean Sound Scampi has proven to be popular with many of our customers, this premium wholetail scampi was launched at Fry I.T. 2014. But, why has this product proved to be a popular scampi option for fish and chips shops? Well let’s find out!

The Scampi Revolution

There are many reasons why Ocean Sound Scampi has become a popular option on many fish and chip shop menus, and here are just some of the reasons:Ocean Sound Scampi with lemon slice

  • Light but crispy breadcrumb
  • Golden in colour
  • Larger than some other scampi options
  • Tastes great
  • Uses quality ingredients

Serving high-quality products is what brings customers back to your shop. Ocean Sound Scampi is a product that tastes great and will make your customers want more.

Perfect Portions

Each bag of scampi contains enough for 8 side dish portions, suggested portion size of 3 pieces, or 3 main course portions with 8 in a portion. So with each bag of Ocean Sound Scampi you know what you are getting.

The product is sold by the case with 10 bags in a case – this gives you 30 main courses or 80 side orders – or a mix of both!

Large Scampi

With Ocean Sound Scampi being larger in size than some other scampi options, this can make them look very appetising. The larger size also means your customer gets more scampi within the coating –making this a high-quality and succulent product, one that your customers will come back for.

Basically Award Winning

The quality of products is key for fish and chip shops – especially award-winning shops! With Ocean Sound Scampi proving to be popular with our award-winning customers at the National Fish and Chip Awards!  So, does that make this scampi an award winner? We think it does!

Have You Tried Ocean Sound Scampi?

If you are looking for a premium wholetail scampi that your customers will love, look no further than Ocean Sound Scampi. To find out more about this quality product, talk to your Area Sales Manager or contact your Telesales Agent, alternatively you can contact us or find your local depot by clicking here.

We want to help you cook scampi to perfection and to do this we can also supply you with a high-quality scampi basket which will make it easy to keep your scampi in one place. The Drywite Scampi Basket is perfect if you are looking for a basket that is suitable for use at high temperatures. Contact us for more information.

Ocean Sound Fish Cake Logo

The Ocean Sound Fish CakesOcean Sound Fish Cake

The Ocean Sound range is all about quality and the fish cakes, just like the scampi, are made using quality ingredients that make them taste great. These fish cakes are perfect for a fish and chip shop menu, either as part of a meal deal or a standalone product. These fish cakes contain 40% cod and also potato, dill and parsley in a unique rustic crumb.

Available in large (3oz) and jumbo (4oz). So, why not give Ocean Sound Fish Cakes a go in your shop?

Contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent for further information on our fish cakes.


Free Posters AvailableOcean Sound Posters

Posters l could be perfect to help increase impulse purchases, this is why we have a range of free posters  that your shop could be using. Free posters are available for both our Ocean Sound Wholetail Scampi and our Ocean Sound Fish Cakes. These posters are completely free, request your posters today by clicking here.

For see our full range of point of sale options, click here.