North Sea cod population increases after decades

MSC have reported via FishOnline that North Sea cod is now rated 4 and amber, which shows it is showing signs of improvement.
“It’s fantastic to see this fishery finally off the red list. Years of sacrifice and a lot of hard work have led to population increases above dangerously low levels. Whilst this certainly is a milestone for North Sea cod, the job is not done yet. Efforts of recent years need to continue in order for the fishery to head towards the green end of the spectrum,” says MCS Fisheries Officer, Samuel Stone. Read more at:

Friars Pride works hard to ensure supply of sustainable fish by cooperating with number of sustainable certified suppliers. Read below to find out more and understand what sustainability truly is about.
Seafish, the authority on seafood, supports the UK seafood industry for a sustainable, profitable future. Visit their website for more information.

Individual Quick Frozen Fillets (IQF)

To ensure fish stocks are managed sensibly, fish is only sourced from countries deemed to operate responsible fisheries policies. IQF line Cod, Haddock and Plaice are sustainably accredited and sources mainly from Icelandic seas.
NH Case takes responsibility of supplying sustainable fish fillets very seriously and is accredited to supply by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Icelandic Responsible Fisheries IRF).
The Icelandic Responsible Fisheries is part of structured fisheries management system to ensure responsible practice, focusing on sustainable operation of fish stocks and treatment of the marine eco-system.


Ocean Trawlers started fishing in 1997, and shortly developed to become one of the leading suppliers of sustainable fish including Cod and Haddock from the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic.
There are currently 7 trawlers supplying Atlantika with Cod and Haddock every month. The fish is harvested and fished in the Barents Sea in the North-East part of the North Atlantic, off the coast of Norway and Russia.
Both stocks of Cod and Haddock in that region are one of the largest in the world maintaining healthy condition due to responsible fisheries management based on scientific research and long term collaboration between Norway and Russia.


JFK, the brand of Gadus, is a resource-rich partner with almost 100 years of history fishing in the Faroe Islands.
Faroese Gadus Cod is caught based on strict allocated quotas in the sustainable fisheries, to provide valuable and high quality sustainable fish.
Gadus is MSC Certified meaning it is involved in recognised program for consumer which is highly promoted within the food industry. It also ensures sustainability and traceability of fish, ensuring the trawler meets the world fishing practices.


Rammi Frozen at Sea is a family owned and run business in the Icelandic fishing grounds. They are located in Fjallabyggd and Thorlakshofn and have a fleet of five vessels.
Rammi are also MCS and IRF Certified to produce sustainable fish. The management if the fishing ground is monitored and fish quotas are allocated to each vessel .
The government’s involvement in the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management ensures self-sustaining utilisation of the natural resources in the area.