Wrights’ Qualipies – Deep Filled Quality Pies

Wrights’ Qualipies are high-quality pies that could be perfect for you to sell in your fish and chip shop. Pies can prove to be a popular option for customers to have with their chips, so offering a pie your customers will enjoy will help increase your pie sales and will encourage them to come back for another one.

Why Choose Wrights' Qualipies?

There are many reasons to choose to sell Qualipies in your shop.

  • Deep filled and full of flavour
  • Shortcrust pastry base
  • Puff pastry lid
  • Available in cases of 12
  • A range of fillings available
    • All steak
    • Steak and onion
    • Steak and kidney
    • Meat and potato
    • Chicken and mushroom
    • Beef and onion

If you are looking for a deep-filled quality pie to sell in your shop, Wrights’ Qualipies could be the pie you are looking for. Talk to your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent to try the Qualipie in your shop.

Make It A Meal

Selling pies in your business has many benefits. Including pies on your menu can help give your customers more options for their meal which can help encourage the customer back into your shop.
With each sale of a pie and chips make sure you are looking at possible up-sell options, are you offering each customer a sauce? Mushy Peas or a gravy can be perfect with a pie! You could even create a meal deal which, as an example, could be a pie, chips, sauce and/or a drink.

Save & Select

When you buy Qualipies you can earn Save and Select points from Friars Pride, each box you purchase will get you one Save and Select point. Save and Select is Friars Pride’s loyalty scheme and you can build up your points and then exchange for vouchers and rewards. When you view our products on our website you will be quickly be able to find out which products you gain Save and Select points from.

Wrights Food Group Wrights Logo

Wrights Food Group manufacturers a wide range of savoury products, including the high-quality Qualipie. The company started in 1926 in Stoke-On-Trent with the meat and potato pie. Wrights are all about quality products and so when you buy products that have been manufactured by Wrights, such as the Qualipie, you know you are buying a high-quality product.

Want To Know More?

Here at Friars Pride we are all about delivering you a high-quality service, from order to delivery. If you would like to know more about Wrights’ Qualipies, or any other products, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent who will be able to help answer your questions. Alternatively, you can email us or contact your local depot by clicking here.

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