Moul-Bie's NEW multi-purpose improver Serenity

Friars Pride are now stocking the NEW Moul-Bie Serenity multi-purpose  improver. Here's why you should switch to Serenity;

  • A Unique improver for multiple purpose
  • A simple and clear dosage depending on products and use
  • A guaranteed volume
  • Higher tolerance of the dough
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly 10kg bag

The unique improver can be used on a variety of doughs including, Baguettes, Brioches, Viennoiseries and specialty breads. The improver has soya instead of wheat, removing one of the most popular allergens and a 10kg bag, which is user friendly, stopping the products degrading and staying fresher for longer. Moul-Bie believe you are more likely to use less than the normal amount of improver you currently use. To request your free sample, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch! To talk to our Bakery Sales expert today on 01733 316413 or 07714 681440