Moul-Bie Bakery Mixes and Flours

Friars Pride are proud to be one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Moul-Bie products to bakeries and artisan bakers. In this article we look at a brief history of Moul-Bie, including how they came about, we will also look at just some of the mixes and flours we have available. If you have any questions about our Moul-Bie product range or what we can offer you as a baker, feel free to contact our bakery team, which is headed up by our Bakery Business Manager Tina – call 01733 316 413 or click here to drop us an email.

Who Are Moul-Bie?

Moul-Bie are known for high-quality products that are perfect for artisan bakers and bakeries, but where did they start?

Moul-Bie is part of a parent group Grands Moulins de Paris, this company is a leading French flour miller which was established in 1919 in France – making them experts in the flour industry. They have 23 mills across France which produce over 1 million tonnes of flour a year.

The Moul-Bie part of this business was set up to provide fine French flours and mixes to the bakery and catering market. Moul-Bie is short for Moulin-Boulangerie or Mill-Bakery.

Bread Roll

Moul-Bie offer high-quality products that allow our UK artisan bakers to produce some of the finest bread. The company is all about offering innovation and quality to the bakers and chefs of the UK.

Fast forward to today (2019!), Moul-Bie offers over 70 products to the bakery market, including:

  • Flour
  • Speciality bread mixes
  • Viennoiserie and patisserie mixes
  • Regulators

The products they offer can help save your time, simplify your work, improve your product’s tolerance or regularity. They can help artisan bakers and bakeries to produce consistent quality products while responding to consumer consumption trends.

Meet The Mixes and Flours

No matter what you are looking to bake up in your bakery Moul-Bie most likely have the mix or flour to help, from mixes for Traditional French Baguettes to flours for pastries and cakes. In this  section we look at some of the mixes and flour options, if you have any questions about any of the mixes or flours please contact our bakery team – call 01733 316 413 or click here to drop us an email.

Moul-Bie Or = T55 Flour

This flour is specially for white bread, baguettes, balls etc.. This is a good flour which is basic but can be used for a range of products.

Campaillette Grand Siecle = T65 Flour

This flour is used for traditional French baguettes and can create a creamy and open texture of the product. Campaillette Grand Siecle has the ‘Label Rouge’, this is French and it means it is a high quality product which is very controlled and a knowledge who guarantee a high quality of wheat.

Campaillette Des Champs = T65 Flour

This flour is perfect for rustic baguettes, this is achieved by having a sourdough already in the flour and Ryr flour. This gives it a stronger and tustic taste.

Campaillette Sarmentine = T65 Flour

This is a flour that contains sesame seeds and can be perfect for use for baguettes, bloomers and a range of breads.

Campaillette Ceraine = T65 Flour

This flour contains seeds and can be used for a range of products, this includes baguettes and bloomers. For more information on the seeds this product contains, please contact our bakery team.

Campaillou = Rye Sourdough

Campaillou is great for making rustic bread, this flour gives your final product a very strong taste and will leave you with a final product which is dark with a well open texture. This product is one of the best sellers in the UK.


This product is used to make a dark and seeded bread. This contains four different seeds and has proven to be a top seller in the UK. Contact our team for more information on what seeds this flour contains.

Pain de Campagne

If you are looking for a country bread or rustic bread, this flour could be perfect. This product is also suitable to use to make fantasy forms with.

Pain de Seigle

This easy to shape product is perfect for creating a range of products including bloomers. This contains 50% Rye flour.

Pain Paysan

This is a wholemeal bread which is rich in fibre. This is perfect for making wholemeal baguettes, bloomers and can be used to create a range of bread products.

Meule T85

This is perfect to make a sourdough and can be used to make a sourdough bread or a rustic bread. Meule T85 is crushed wheat grain on a millstone.

Ciabatta Rustica

This is 100% soft wheat and is specially used to make Ciabatta. This product works easily with high hydrations for give, this helps gives the best result which is a creamy and open texture of the crumb.

Gruau Vert = T45 Flour

This flour is a strong flour and so is more suitable for pastries, cakes and croissants.

Farine Speciale Feuilletage = T45

This is a very strong wheat flour and is perfect for making products such as croissants and puff pastries.

Croissant Mix = T45

This product has been developed to make products such as croissants, couques and pain au chocolat.

Brioche Mix = T45

If you are looking for a brioche flour, this could be the perfect product. This product already has the butter in the flour which can mean it is perfect to make a sweet dough.

Let Us Help


Here at Friars Pride we are ready to help you, as one of the UK’s biggest Moul-Bie suppliers we have a huge range of Moul-Bie products that could be perfect for you. If you have any questions about the Moul-Bie products or if you are interested in using parts of our Moul-Bie range, contact us. Contact our bakery team today by calling 01733 316 413 or click here to drop us an email.