Major B's Tomato Ketchup - everything you need to know!

Why is it called Major B’s?

We’re very excited about our new ketchup brand, as it has been named after our managing directors grandfather Major Briggs. With this heritage, we can truly call Major B’s the ‘Grand Daddy’ of tomato ketchup!

What about the taste?

has been packed full of tomatoes, which is why it can be called a ketchup. It has a rounded flavour which is not vinegary at all. The recipe has been specifically developed to be the perfect accompaniment to freshly prepared chips.
Friars Pride recently received a touching letter directly from a very happy fish and customer who regularly visits a Fish and Chip shop in Skegness, who said that he loved the taste and is now on his 4th bottle!

Tell me more about the bottle

If you haven’t already, pop open a bottle of Major B’s and pour. Once you have done this, you will understand how important the wider neck on the bottle really is to your customers.
Major B’s bottle was specifically chosen with a wider neck in order to allow the thick ketchup to flow easily onto the food. No frustrating wait, banging the bottle or reaching for a knife!
Additionally, Major B’s bottle size is a ‘major’ 218 grams. This is a lot of sauce for your money and great value for your customers too!

Major B’s, the brand!

Eye-catching design, with cheeky personality, this is what we’ve set out to achieve in order to ensure the product is visible in your shop, so you can create a sale. Now with the point of sale, Major B’s can be visible at the till or on the shelf, as well as in a poster frame in your shop.

What can I do to boost sales of Major B’s in my shop?

High impact Major B’s posters are available with space to write your sell price; along with eye-catching till wobblers adding a final reminder to your customer to add Major B’s to their order!
In December, we are launching both our digital menu board content and consumer taste test packs for Major B’s, which will be available FREE of charge via the Friars Pride Marketing Club. The digital menu board content can also be used on your social media pages and your shop website. The consumer taste tests will involve Major B’s branded retro tomato ketchup dispenser, with one free bottle of Major B’s ketchup for your customers to taste at the counter of your shop, creating a great opportunity to upsell! Depending on your chosen sell price, good margins can be made.
All of these activities will help to boost sales in your shop. All point of sale is free of charge – simply ask your Friars Pride Telesales agent, your Area Sales Manager or email and your merchandising pack will be posted directly to you.

Already buying Major B’s?

Send us photos of Major B’s posters in your shop to enter our competition for a free case! All images will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Want to try Major B’s?

If you would like to try Major B’s in your shop, phone our sales team on 01733 316400.

Don’t be minor, B Major!