Friars Pride's lunch with Crucials!

Following up on the recent media crusade Friars Pride and Crucials have set off couple of weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised to have received lovely gift sets today! Thank you!

A gentleman from The Crucials Sauce Company had arrived bearing gifts to Friars Pride team which has resulted in an even-more-than-usual cheerful atmosphere on this cloudy, rainy morning.

As it was only morning hours Friars Pride team settled back to work to offer our customers the reliable customer service they expect from us on a daily basis. Lunchtime however, the can opener was dug out of the kitchen drawer, the microwave got set up to heat the products nicely and as a team we prepared the Crucials style hot dogs!

 Crucial Sauces are on promotion until 27th June 2014 so make sure you try them! Full offer available through our Good Habits magazine, under the Buy Now Deals section or by calling our telesales team on 01733316400. 

Look out for the latest Chippy Chat Magazine to read more on the subject!  

Thank you Crucials,

Friars Pride Team