LoSalt – Know your choices

Friars Pride are proud to now stock LoSalt, the healthy alternative to salt.
We are very excited to tell you about a campaign with SeaFish.
LoSalt and Seafish are campaigning to promote the nutritional value of Fish & Chips.
As the nation’s favourite takeaway and with many people now keen to understand how healthy the food we eat is, the scheme is aimed to help provide Fish and Chip shops and their customers with a clear understanding about the nutritional properties of their food, so they can make informed choices about what they are eating.
This product has the same great taste as regular salt, but contains 66% less sodium. Sodium is the leading cause of heart disease, strokes & high blood pressure.

To support this great campaign we are giving a FREE Salt Shaker with every LoSalt purchase.

To place your order or speak to one of our telesales representatives call 01733 316400.