Lite-Bite Is Right In 2019!

The Lite-Bite packaging can help to grow your business, but why? Because your customers say so!

There is an increased demand, particularly at lunchtime, for a lighter meal. With many shops only offering regular, large or extra-large meals, the audience that want a lighter meal may just be going elsewhere. Offering a Lite-Bite meal in your shop can help you cater for anyone looking for a lighter meal.

The Lite-Bite is a packaging concept that was developed by The Q Partnership to help provide fish and chips shops and caterers with a box that can help control portions sizes. The box will allow you to offer a smaller portion which is controlled by the box side, allowing you to target potential customers who are looking for a lighter option.

Seafish Research

Previous research by Seafish has found that portions being served up by the nation’s fish and chip shops can be varying in sizes, which is why offering a Lite-Bite meal can help the customer know you have a lighter option that may suit their appetite.

  • 33% of surveyed people would eat fish and chips more often if there was a larger range of portion sizes available.
  • 45% of consumers would like to cut their calorie intake by ordering a smaller portion of chips – this is a large amount of people who are looking to eat a smaller portion of fish and chips!
  • 21% will throw away some of their fish and 44% normally end up throwing away chips because there are too many and they can’t eat them all.

What Is The Lite-Bite Box?

The Lite-Bite packaging was designed to offer an alternative meal size and is made for a portion consisting of:

  • A 6 oz battered fish (4 oz unbattered)
  • A 6oz portion of chips (cooked weight)
  • An optional 4oz side order of peas/gravy/curry

While you can vary your portion sizes, the Lite-Bite box can hold the above perfectly. Allowing you to control how many chips you are giving away letting you control your profit.

Why Use The Lite-Bite Packaging?

  • It gives a controlled portion, which still looks generous
  • It looks professional – corrugated packaging is presentable with a well-polished finish
  • It has eye appeal – the food fills the box and still looks like a good portion
  • It’s versatile – it can be used for other meals, doesn’t have to just be for fish and chips
  • Perfect for meal deals – it could be used for a lunchtime meal deal or a special

Posters Available

Along with this packaging, we can supply you a free of charge point-of-sale poster to help you sell the Lite-Bite, and of course you decide the selling price of the meal.

Friars Pride’s Lite-Bite poster can be simply ordered by either contacting your Telesales Agent, clicking here, or by contacting us here.  Don’t forget it is free of charge – just let us know!

Trial A Lite-Bite Option In your Shop

Why not give Lite-Bite meals a go in your shop, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent to find out more. Alternatively, you can click here to find your local depot or to send us an email or call 01733 316400.