Lite-Bite is Right!

The Lite-BITE packaging WILL help to grow your business, because your customers say so! 

It's no secret there is a huge demand, particularly at lunchtime, for a light meal and with over 75% of Fish and Chip shops offering just a regular, large or extra-large meal, there may be an additional audience that go elsewhere for a lighter option. 
The Lite-BITE packaging concept was developed by The Q Partnership to provide Fish Friers with the opportunity to market an ALTERNATIVE portion size of Fish & Chips to attract new customers and to help boost your lunchtime trade. The Lite-BITE concept comes at a time when there has been an increase in the amount of publicity surrounding fast food and portion control. The Lite-BITE enables for a portion controlled meal whilst still enjoying one of the nation's favourite foods.
The largest independent research project into the Fish & Chip market was conducted with the aim to raise the profile of the nation's most savoured meal and to support Fish & Chip shops in understanding their customers' wants.

What are your customers saying? 

A survey of over 1,500 people found that more customers are health-conscious than ever before,  with 36% of customers stating that they would order a smaller amount of Fish & Chips as a healthier option whilst 1 in 3 would prefer a choice of serving sizes. Furthermore, 60% of people surveyed said yes to either dieting regularly or keeping to a healthy diet.

What is the Lite-Bite package?

This brand new packaging is designed specifically for an alternative size meal and is customer made for a portion consisting of:

  • A 6 oz battered fish (4 oz unbattered)
  • A 6oz portion of chips (cooked weight)
  • An optional 4oz side order of peas/gravy/curry

This was a suggested portion size that was unanimously voted as a 'Light Bite' portion. Although it is entirely up to you what portion size you use.

Why is this packaging best suited for the Lite-Bite? 

  • It gives a generous portion - people perceive the meal to be good value for money
  • It looks professional - Corrugated packaging is presentable with a well-polished finish
  • It has eye appeal - the food fills the box and looks like a larger portion then is actually is
  • Its versatile - it can be used for meals other then fish and chips

How to get your FREE Point of Sale poster

Along with this new packaging, we will supply you FREE OF CHARGE point-of-sale materials to help sell the Lite-Bite, and of course you decide the selling price of the meal.
Friars Pride Lite-Bite Poster So to get your FREE poster, simply place an order for our new “Lite-Bite” boxes with your telesales assistant and enquire about the posters… It really is that simple.

How to order you Lite-Bite packaging

To place your order call 01733 316400