Lite-BITE - The healthier way to enjoy Fish & Chips

On Monday 19th March the Chronicle (North East) published a fantastic article in collaboration with Friars Pride's sister company, Henry Colbeck, surrounding the issue of healthier eating and the Lite-BITE box.
The initiative's main aim is to promote the nutritional benefits of Britain's favourite dish, with a meal made up of 5 oz Fish and 5 oz Chips fried in vegetable oil adding up to 654 calories. Also included could be a portion of mushy peas, which counts as one of the recommended five-a-day vegetables.
The Lite-BITE branded box is a concept exclusive to the Q Partnership (Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck, VA Whitley) which offers a smaller portion size that is still aesthetically pleasing and also a healthier option.

Not only does the Lite-BITE offer itself up as a healthier alternative to other portion sizes of Fish & Chips, it also opens up a range of other serving suggestions such as OAP meals, lunch time meal deals and student meals.

The article also features an interview with the head of marketing at Henry Colbeck, Jackie Pearson, explaining how popular the Lite-BITE boxes have been since their introduction before going on to say

"Fish and chips can be part of a balanced diet. We are not saying you should eat them every day, as eating the same thing every day is not healthy, but it can be part of a healthy diet." 

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