Envirocare- the Benchmark for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Introducing Envirocare, new eco-friendly benchmark for packaging!

Envirocare is a new umbrella brand exclusively for Friars Pride and the Q Partnership’s packaging ranges. It is also a seal of approval for environmentally friendly packaging. So, wherever you see the green Envirocare label the products will be recyclableble and bio-degradable .

How will I know that a product is in the range?

  • The product will have the Envirocare logo next to it in Friars Pride promotional brochures, magazines and on the website.
  • The same logo will also be in a colour that is related to how recyclable it is (biodegradable, recyclable, recyclable where facilities allow etc).
Certified products:
  • Hook & Fish Formed Card Tray
  • Hook & Fish Single and Two-Compartment Corrugated Boxes
  • Fresh & Tasty Corrugated Boxes
  • Paper Straws (1 x 250)
More products will be added!